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3D animation course


Bring your characters and worlds to life with our 3D animation course. Our course is designed to teach you the skills and techniques needed to create professional-quality 3D animations for film, television, and video games.
Animation Prime is a comprehensive course in the fundamentals and techniques of animation that provides understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation in the industry. The course prepares you for an animation career after 12th where you can set your imagination free. With this course, you will be trained in three key aspects: Creative Visualization that includes design basics, concepts, sketching and storyboards; 2D animation concepts, graphics and editing; 3D animation concepts, tools and techniques.
The course also covers advanced topics such as physics simulations, motion capture, and facial animation. With the help of our industry-experienced instructors, students will work on real-world projects and gain hands-on experience. This will help students to build a portfolio of professional-grade work and prepare them for a career in 3D animation.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a 3D animator in the film, television, and video game industries. You may also work as a freelance animator, or start your own animation studio..

Course Outline

  • Introduction to 3D animation and its history

  • Principles of animation

  • Modeling, texturing, and lighting

  • Rigging and character animation

  • Dynamics and special effects

  • Render setup and compositing

  • Motion capture and keyframe animation

  • Render setup and compositing

  • Portfolio development and professional practices


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